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School Transport Management – SchoolPTS

School Transport Management – SchoolPTS

School Transport Management – SchoolPTS

Technology plays a huge part in everyone’s daily life these days. Schools are no exception.

Especially parents do not only want the best for their children’s education but also their safety. That’s where school management authorities often struggle, or at least they have in the past. Nowadays it should not be a problem to satisfy the parents if administrators choose the right school management system with an integrated transport management system.

SchoolPTS offers school authorities and parents a peace of mind with their transport management facility.

Parents can check their child’s exact location and movement of the school bus on the SchoolPTS Mobile App with Google Maps. Live updates of your child’s movement to and fro school will provide extra security and safety.

Also, in the case of any disruptions, be it a change of route, delay, or an accident, mobile alerts will be sent out immediately. You will never have to worry again about whether the school bus is late or coming at all.

SchoolPTS will not only provide security and safety for parents and their children but also for staff members, e.g drivers. Bus identification details will be displayed as well as driver details.

If schools have any request for customization, the team of SchoolPTS will do their best to satisfy their needs.

Children are our future and we should do everything in our power to secure a better and safer environment.


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