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School Management Software

School Management Software

School Management Software

Softwares prove every day that they are an important part of the future. Technology IS the future. Gone are they days, where manual work is needed for everything. So it should not be a surprise that also schools think about adapting a software to their school to deal with things quicker and in a more secure way. Especially when it comes to large schools and colleges it gets difficult over the years to maintain all the data.

That's why we say: School Management Software to the rescue!

School Management Softwares are designed to reduce the burden of paper wastage and provide paperless administration of schools and educational institutions (e.g. Colleges, Universities etc.). It offers various modules to help the principal, teachers and staff in maintaining student records, academic history and other important student information.

A well organized school management software brings different departments and functions together. You can access it from any location.

Important School Management Software Modules

Campus/Security Management

A School Management System should improve campus workflow and automate repetitive tasks, thereby reducing manual time-taking work. This module helps to keep track of administration, visitors, security, generation of gate-pass, appointments and so much more.

School Information Management

Just like for hospitals, it is absolutely necessary for schools to maintain student and faculty database. This module helps in handling admissions, student registrations and generating report cards.

Faculty Management

This module assists teachers in their daily job. It schedules timetables and also helps the faculties in creating lesson-plans. The included mailbox can be used to share resources with other faculty members. Also, Faculty Management works together with the attendance management to track the teacher's attendance.

Student Management

This module is vital to obtain complete information about a particular student. No more skimming through thousands of paper stacks. Right from the student's registration details to the admission process, users can add, modify and view the details in just a click. Moreover, it includes a student's profile with pictures, family and guardian detail and well designed reports. The student's roll number will be generated automatically. On top of that, it also lets users upload documents.

Examination Management

One of the most challenging parts of working in an educational institution is most probably the examination management. It does not just take a day. There is a lot of preparation involved already way before the exams and also afterwards. However, the best school management software should be able to take that baggage from your shoulders. Before the exam (pre-exam) it will send notifications regarding the exams to teachers, parents and students. On the exam day itself it will keep record of who has appeared or who has been absent. After the exam (post-exam), the module helps in preparing and assigning grades to the students as per the marks given. Examination Management also provides score card/ report card generation and result analysis.

Leave and Attendance Management

This module maintains a record of student's attendance, either via biometrics, ID cards (RFID Walkthrough) or with a manual register. This way, the time of and exit from the class, as well as the number of leaves taken will be stored securely for future purposes. The same process applies for faculties and other staff.

Student Fee Management & Payroll System

The fee management is definitely one of the most important features of a school management system. It helps with the fee plan creation, generating fee receipts, creating reports and more. Schools don't even realize how much money they actually spend every year to get this job done from some outside company.

Not only will be taken care of the student's fee but also the staff's salary. Payroll will be calculated, taxes deducted, reimbursements and deductibles calculated, pay slips generated, and so much more. This way the correct salary is distributed to the entire staff.

Human Resource Management

The human resource management module makes it possible for institutions to have an employee database and therefore manage it in a better way. An employee's profile will be maintained with all the necessary information, like contact details, dependent's information, educational details, work history etc. Just like that, it is easy to keep track of the employee's working hours, attendance and leaves. The employee itself also benefits from this module. He or she can view their attendance details and time-sheet.

Library Management

With this module you ensure that your school's library is as organized as it can be. A collection of books can easily be turned into mess when there is no structure and no one to keep track of all the books. Who is using it right now, who used which book when, is the required book even available right now?

Sure, things like that have been noted down in writing for quite a while now but every time it is just so much paper and so much work. Why put you through an enormous amount of work day by day when you can have it all in just a click?

The library management module easily sorts all your data in a list, which is printable and also available in excel and pdf format. A unique book ID is generated automatically every time a new book is added. Students can lend and return books and the student's ID as well as time and date will be displayed in the list. For other students it will be visible if a specific book is available or not. This ensures a streamlined and smooth workflow.

School Timetable Management

As well as Examination, managing a school timetable is hard. However, with the right school management system this can be a piece of cake. Everything will be visible at once and changes can be made quickly. Subject limits won't exceed and teachers won't be assigned to the wrong class.

A brief list of the advantages of a School Management Software

  • Avoids paper stacks, stores data in the cloud, which makes it accessible from anywhere in the world and much easier to retrieve
  • Easy and faster communication between parent – teacher
  • Everything can be tracked; attendance, fee submissions, examination schedules etc.
  • Transparency; necessary information is visible

Along the way I am sure you will come across many more advantages.

If you are interested in adapting a School Management System to your school, then do not hesitate to check out the most advanced School Management System in the market: SchoolPTS, developed by Ankosoft Technologies.


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